We are a community of artists, academics, makers and dreamers.  Our purpose is both theoretical and practical.   We want to rethink how meaning is made, visions are expressed, value is shared, communities are empowered, and the world is changed.  But thought is not enough:  we want to do work that  applies what we learn – work that reflects our commitment to the society we live in.


As educators in the arts, we are looking for ways to help the next generation of creatives take their place at the center of a democratic society – to lead, create, and reshape a turbulent world in the midst of dramatic transformation.    


Our commitment is to society, the environment and the people we work with.  We don’t do this for money.  We do this because we have no choice.  To live in the world requires that we be responsible for it, and the Broad∙Side Collective is our investment in that responsibility.  


The Broad∙Side Collective is the “university” we imagine.  We have few answers but many questions. 

Our mantra: we will learn by doing and question all we do.