voter! 11 x17 White Dot Poster
voter! 11 x17 White Dot Poster
voter! 11 x17%22 Black Dot Poster
voter! 11 x17%22 Black Dot Poster
voter! 8.5x11 Black Dot Poster
voter! 8.5x11 Black Dot Poster
voter! 8.5x11  White Dot Poster
voter! 8.5x11 White Dot Poster
voter! Logo.jpg

Be a voter! Project

Be the change. Be a voter!

It’s our community!


Our campaign – voter! -- is based on a simple idea:  voting is a public act, and the more public, the more it asserts our civic identity and our shared community.     


We have devised a badge that proclaims our “citizenship”  – be a voter!.  We encourage all to wear it and display it before the election.  It is a way to make public who we are, our claim to citizenship, and our belief in a community of action.    


We believe that it is important to give this idea away and to enlist others to take it as their own  – to use it, shape it, and share it  –since the act of sharing is an act of citizenship and a commitment to community.  

So, take it from us and give it away to your friends.



voter!  Project Toolboxplease share, download, use!

This is our community. Be a voter!

Your community. Be a voter!

Have your say. Be a voter!

Be a part. Be a voter!

Be the change. Be a voter!

Be revolutionary. Be a voter!

Be a patriot. Be a voter!

Be an American. Be a voter!

Be involved. Be a voter!

Be a hero. Be a voter!

Take the lead. Be a voter!

Be change. Be a voter!

Be important. Be a voter!

Be a _____. Be a voter!




Size: 11 x 17"  Vertical Posters


ZOOM Backgrounds here!


Just pick a voter! background, right-click on your mouse or hold 'Control' on your keyboard, download to your desktop, then upload into your Zoom Backgrounds in your Zoom Preferences' Settings area: Virtual Backgrounds.


Window Posters here!


Just pick a voter! poster, right-click on your mouse or hold 'Control' on your keyboard, download to your computer desktop, then print out on your printer or take to a copy store to print out your poster.


· Tag lines you can add to your email address site and an invitation to create your own.

· A ZOOM backdrop you can use. 

· Design formats for Window Cards or Posters and  instructions for printing your own.

· Links and Information to get absentee/mail-in ballots, to confirm your registration, to find your district and polling place and how to get there.  See Here.

· Information about other local voter support sites and services.  See Here. 


Be a voter!  Important Voting Info LINKS!

please visit, share and use!




Election 2020Philly to open 17 one-stop shops to make early voting easy and safe, starting Tuesday 9/29/2020  




Size: 8.5 x 11" Vertical Posters

Be a voter!  Tag lines

for your email + social media

please share, download, use!


You’ll find in our toolkit ways to make public your civic identity: 
















We hope you’ll join our campaign and hope that you’ll pass this idea and Be A Voter! link along. It's our community. Let's show up together!_______________________________

To learn about "Being a vote[r]" read:

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Need help with ZOOM Backgrounds? Click Here!