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The Black Book: A Guide to Designing Change and Spotting Opportunities

This “little book” provides a tool kit that will help you get a fast start on innovation -- whether you strive to create the next great artistic masterpiece or the next new “big thing.” In addition to principles and rules, you’ll find an easy to follow chart that steps you through the process along with exercises and readings.


Forming an LLC in Pennsylvania

This video provides the steps to follow to form a Pennsylvania LLC – determining whether the name of the proposed company is available, forming the LLC, and acquiring a Federal EIN (Tax ID) which is needed to open a bank account.   Easy steps, crisply explained.  


Quick Guide to Agreements & Contracts

This guide offers basic scenarios and problems freelancers face when they’re writing up (or signing off) on an agreement or contract.  It provides snippets from contracts to illustrate the points being made, definitions of key terms, and suggestions to be used to avoid classic pitfalls when you plan to work with others.  Includes links to useful online resources. 


Quick Guide to Grants

This guide starts at the beginning with the question most artists asks – “Where can I get support for my work and for the next stage of my career?”  It describes the value of applying (even when you first don’t succeed), how to prepare to write a proposal, and how to write a good and credible proposal.  Includes links to grant organizations and online blogs.


Business FAQS

These short videos answer many of the questions start-ups have:

When to consider creating a company.  Deciding whether a company should be for-profit or not-for profit.  Protecting assets. Protecting creative work through trademark, patent, and copyright.  Preparing to meet with a business advisor.  Improving an elevator pitch.  Understanding electronic contracts.  


Business Basics

This power point outlines the elements of a solid business foundation – includes basic frameworks and tools to help understand customers, define value propositions, and develop and deliver business strategies.  It provides a good illustration of how to take advantage of the Business Model Canvas  -- short video and book.  


Telling a Story to Sell -- Content Strategy

This power point describes the way a good marketing strategy connects a value proposition (the value of what’s being sold to the consumer) to the message we use to get the consumer’s attention.   Includes examples and exercises.  



We are living through a remarkable moment—when we can’t do the routine; in fact, when we are not sure what “routine” is and fear we won’t have the future we’ve been preparing for.  

We find ourselves asking “So now, what’s next?”

To help you re-imagine your future, we’ve put together some resources that may help.  Some should help you re-imagine your talents and apply them in new ways.  Some will introduce you to some of the basic elements required if you want to start a business. And some will be useful if you’re looking for grants and funding.

The collection that follows were developed through our experiences with students and emerging artists who participated in programs offered through (and produced by) the UArts Corzo Center for the Creative Economy, but we’ve found they are useful to others and want to make them available to you.


Other Resources

Many community groups and agencies have started programs tailored to artists, performers and makers facing the challenges of COVID19.   Some of them provide microgrants, some provide counseling and advice, some invite artists to join together online to talk or to showcase their work.   Support is always valuable but networking and connecting with others is even more valuable – now and in the future. 

Philadelphia Office of Culture, Art and the Creative Economy. Extensive list of resources, funding and support for the creative community. 
Philadelphia Dance.  News of grants and support.  

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Resources for individual artists.

Pennsylvania Art and Cultural Grants. Grants for individuals and organizations.

Inside Philanthropy. List of funding/grant opportunities for dancers/performers and visual artists. 

InLiquid Grant Listings. Current list of grant opportunities.

Generocity – Online news for the creative and non-profit community with current news of funding and support.


Online Resources 

The Big Artist Opportunities List

An extensive list (more than 400 in the US and abroad) of grants, residencies, and many other forms of support.  The National Endowment for the Arts has created a comprehensive list of resources for artists, performers, and makers challenged by COVID-19.


The Zine:  Career Control

This zine provides the lively stories of locals who rediscovered themselves and found new ways to connect their talents and ambitions to careers.   Each story includes "fast wisdom" and "take aways" intended to provide useful principles to restart a career or invent a new one.  Produced in conjunction with the Philly Freelance Fest with support from Indy Hall and the 10K Independents project. 

Author:  Hannah Litvin.   Editor/Co-Creator: Alex Hillman, Indy Hall.